We received a lot of funny, inspiring, creative and very cool submissions for the contest. Thank you all very much for sharing your best tips & tricks to stay motivated during quarantine. It was kind of heart warming to see all the effort that was put into the posters to help fellow AvL members to go through the home stretch of quarantine.

Unfortunately, we can only assign three winners. The winners will receive their own 3D printer, which was made possible by FAST University Fund. FAST is the student committee of Delft University Fund. With the financial support of alumni and other donors to Delft University Fund, the University Fund supports talent development at TU Delft. All FAST grants are made possible by financial contributions from donors to the Delft University Fund.

Now for the lucky three: Based on usefulness of the tips, the design and creativity the following three submissions are the winners of the contest!

  • Lea Stakenburg
  • Didi van Dijk
  • Christiaan Bakker

Congrats! You received an email so that the 3D printers can come to you as soon as possible.

To all other competitiors, thank you very much for your insipring submissions!

The three winning posters will be posted on this website and on our Instagram page one after the other in the following days.

Have a good New Years Eve and last days off!