Dear students,
As you approach the end of your first quarter and getting ready for the exams, you have probably formed an opinion on the courses you’ve taken.
We’d like to know!
In order to ensure the continued quality of TU Delft’s Master courses, we ask that you share with us the good, the bad and everything in between via our quarterly feedback survey below. Your responses will be sent to the professors in an effort to maintain a high level of education that is both challenging and enjoyable. There is always room for improvement, and your opinions are more relevant than ever given the current context in which teaching takes place.

But wait, there’s more!
We’re also organizing a contest for all participants. If you want a shot at winning one of the four 10 euro gift cards we’ve prepared for you, be sure to check out the survey! Winners will be notified via e-mail after all answers are collected. 
We hope to see as many answers as possible. 

Best of luck with your studies. We hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

AvL Eduboard