Here you will find information about the different committees that AvL has. If you want to join a committee, tell the board! You can send us an e-mail or talk to us in person!

Studytour committee

The Studytour Committee organizes the yearly AvL trip abroad, bringing around 20-25 AvL members. You will be responsible for university and company visits, but of course also social activities like drinks and pub crawls. The tour is financed with a contribution of the participants, the TU Delft, and with the acquisition you will do together with the external affairs of the AvL board.
It will take you around 3 hours a week, including weekly lunch meetings. Some weeks will be more, some weeks less.

If you want to know more about how awesome last studytour was, and everything that’s involved in the arrangements of the studytour, have a chat with Steijn van Schoor or Kirsten Nijmeijer at the next Quarter starter!


The EduBoard committee takes care of reflection on courses, teachers and the studies BMD and BME as a whole.

This year EduBoard had weekly meetings, in which they for example made questionnaires for the courses and prepared the talks with professors. They organized quarterly feedback toasties, you might have tried the toasties during the introduction before the fuses blew, that’s what happens if you leave the board in charge…

How much time does it take? Not too much, weekly lunch meetings, a quarterly lunch input toasty and about 3 half an hour talks with teachers. But this can all be arranged the way you and your committee members want to. 

All in all, this committee teaches you more about professional relationships, how to deliver feedback and how to not blow the fuses when making the best toasties! 

Lustrum committee

The Lustrum committee will be a temporary committee, as our lustrum year is coming up, there are tons of epic activities to be organized. You could think of epic trampoline sessions, a ball pit in the board room or a masked ball? It is all up to you and your new committee members!

Activity committee

The AC is the most socialy oriented committee of AvL. Their task: to organize social activities for the members of AvL. Their goal: to make AvL the most fun Master Study Association. Their prime directive: work hard, live hard, enjoy harder.

The AC organises an event every quarter for all AvL members. Next to this they were involved in organizing the introductionweek, organized a BBQ for the B-Mech department, organized the weekend activities during the studytour, organised pre-QuarterStarter activities and are notorious partypeople.

Who are in the activity committee?
President: Marielle Stam
Captain: Anne van der Star
Praesis: Stefan Fransen
Emperor: Vacancy!
QQ’er: Luc van den Boogaart

Some facts: 

  • The activity committee uses rotating roles, to share responsibilities better and to combat institutionalising.
  • The AC is the only committee to have delivered a board member to board 14.
  • The AC is the most fun committee.