Study Tour 2019

Dear AvL-members,

At the Quarter Starter of Q3 the destinations for the study tour of 2019 were announced! This year’s study tour will go to Vienna (Austria) and Bucharest (Romania), where we will visit interesting companies, research institutes, universities and hospitals. Besides having interesting excursions, the trip is going to be a lot of fun with many activities, but of course also some free time! (In case you have missed the location announcement or want to check the announcement video again, you can find it here: Announcement video

The Study Tour will take place between the 8th and the 21st of July and will last around 8-10 days. The price for the trip will be 450 euros per person (we really try to do our best to lower this price, more information about this will follow). This price includes the flight, accommodation, transport and breakfast & lunch.

Since only 25 people can join the Study Tour, you will be asked to write a short motivation and to upload your CV. Your CV is required for some companies sponsoring this trip, which is of course also a nice opportunity to advertise yourself. Your CV will only be shared with partnering companies that make this study tour possible. Selection of participants will take place based on the short motivation. The deadline for signing up is the 15th of March. After this date, the final group of participants will be announced as soon as possible. If you are as excited as we are and ready to participate in this adventure, please sign up via the following form:

Sign up for the Study Tour here!!

  •  Make sure you update and upload your CV
  •  Write a short motivation to convince us that you have to participate

Contact details:

If you have any questions you can contact us through or approach one of us in person.

Important dates:

All the important dates and deadlines are listed below. During this semester these dates will be updated, so keep in touch with this page.

15th of March: Deadline for signing up for the Study Tour of 2019!

21st of March: Lunch lecture from Festo B.V. organized by the study tour

23rd of April: Workshop and Drinks with ENTER – sign up

2nd and 3rd week of July: STUDY TOUR!


Study Tour Committee 2019

Kirsten Nijmeijer                                Chairperson

Max Joosen                                        Vice-chairman

Steijn van Schoor                              Secretary

Mahdieh Shojaei Baghini                 Treasurer

Jessica Coster                                   Logistics

Sietske Imming                                  Internal Affairs

Anish Mukherjee                                External Affairs

Jorik Amesz                                        QQ’er